Laminate Tubes

Laminated tubes offer products a competitive edge in the market and are used across the globe for packaging in oral care, personal care, food, pharmaceuticals and industrial applications. They are manufactured from either monolayer or multi-layer laminate foil. Multilayer laminates have either aluminium or plastic barrier that is inserted between the inner and outer layers of the tube.

With excellent barrier properties, laminated tubes give a cost effective solution to help increase a product’s shelf life. Laminate tubes represent an easy, hygienic and safe method of packaging, that provides efficient barrier against leakage of volatile substances and protection against UV rays as well.

UTAP uses state of the art technology to manufacture laminates with a wide range of thicknesses and diameters that are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. We also offer Full Print that creates almost seamless tubes with 7C print, pearlish surface, hot stamps, cold stamps and metallic effect.

Aluminium Barrier Laminates combine the excellent barrier advantages of traditional metal tubes and the attractive visual and tactile feel of the plastic tubes. ABL tubes give good collapsible effect which is desirable where precise dispensing of the product is required. ABL is used for cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, household and industrial applications.

Monolayer laminates comprise from a single film that is usually used for products that do not require high protection from oxygen transfer, water vapor transfer or other gaseous substances. We offer our clients Monolayer laminates comprised from polypropylene.

Plastic Barrier Laminates are a 5 Layer film with an EVOH layer embedded. EVOH provides very strong barrier properties and is among the most recommended barriers for plastic tubes. Ideally suited to pack cosmetics both cream & gel based, food items and specific industrial chemicals having medium to high viscosity. Preservation is made easy with the use of this barrier. EVOH is eco-friendly and can be recycled easily.


Aluminum Barrier




Plastic Barrier

Tube Specs


L: 70-150 mm
V: 10-20 ML


L: 80-111 mm
V: 15-30 ML


L: 75-154 mm
V: 20-60 ML


L: 80-141 mm
V: 30-75 ML


L: 88-149 mm
V: 40-100 ML


L: 95-165 mm
V: 75-150 ML

Tube Closures

Flip top with thread

Flip Top with Thread

Stand up

Stand Up



Flip Top

Flip Top