Think Green

An illustration explaining sustainability strategies at UTAP

Universal Tube and Packaging places sustainability goals at the center of its strategic plans and the heart of its dynamically evolving objectives. Our leadership acknowledges the tangible financial and environmental benefits that are directly linked with having sustainable business practices. We adopt and envision a strategy where we can maximize our positive environmental impact both locally and globally all whilst minimizing our resources footprint.

In order to reach the accurate path of sustainability, a number of axes need to be engaged. At UTAP, we believe that Operations, Eco-friendly solutions, and Partners are a multilayered structure that needs to engage and align together in order to nurture an eco-friendly practices environment.

An illustration explaining sustainability strategies at UTAP

Implement Green


we believe that operations is one of the key eliminates, if not the driving force, to reach sustainability goals. By improving the efficiency of our operations we are able to reach a number of goals that contribute to sustainability. Lower energy consumption, decreased manufacturing time, reduced waste and usage of less raw materials are all practices that UTAP implements within the core of its operations. All of this provides significant cost savings for our customers and minimized environmental footprint.

Hand holding a growing plant, symbolizing sustainability

Through the technology offered by its top of the line machinery, Universal Tube and Packaging is proud to have zero-defect technology cutting costs, time, and raw material waste. Moreover, almost if not all, of our production is recyclable or reusable. However, the top competency UTAP has in terms of being Eco-Friendly is its flexibility to use sustainable raw materials, offering both PBL and Monolayer PP packaging solutions which are eco-friendly. Furthermore, in the near future UTAP plans on having vertical integration within its factory for a number of processes as part of its solution to insure top quality within minimum environmental impact.

UTAP is committed to continue evolving in a environmental friendly approach aligning with our customers and providing them with products that they can proudly call sustainable. Our transparency offers our customers and partners to know as much as needed about our production, raw materials, and international suppliers.